Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017!

Has another year gone by already? Wow! Where does the time go? It's been an eventful year. Writing-wise, there's been A Bear Walks Into a Bar (which won a Rainbow Award Honorable Mention), and the re-release of The Angel of 13th Street.

Personally? I became engaged, and next week will stand before family and friends (in full Star Wars regalia!) and take the huge step of joining my life with another's. Yes, the romance writer found romance. Who'da thunk it?

On a professional note, The Angel of 13th Street II, Fallen Angel Second Edition is in formatting for release, and a third, never before seen side story is in edits: Broken Wing, featuring minor characters from Fallen Angel, with Noah and Jeremy providing backup.

Also, Diversion XI, Reunion, is in the critiquing and betaing process. I'd hoped to have it ready by January, but Lucky won't be rushed. (And what was I thinking, planning a wedding so close to Christmas?!"

Along the way in 2016 I've met some new friends, hung out with old friends, and have the distinct honor of having several people I've met through my writing join me in celebrating my wedding and starting a new chapter in my life.

So, goodbye, 2016, and welcome, 2017. Let's be kind to each other, okay?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

This time of year holds so many memories for me, both good and bittersweet, as I recall holidays past and those who live on in my mind.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that the song "Silent Night" has special meaning to me, and I'm especially fond of Lindsey Stirling's version.

In tribute to my sister, who sang this song with me so many times:

I wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday seasons, filled with love, family, friends, and great memories.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Looking for a Holiday Read?

It's that time of year when I round up my holiday CDs, watch different versions of A Christmas Carol, and pick up some great holiday-themed reads. Due to the busy season, I'm particularly fond of short stories that I can read on work breaks.

The Match Before Christmas was written to be the kind of story I like to dive into at this time of year:

Candlelight, mistletoe, gaily wrapped packages beneath a trimmed tree, and someone to share it with. That's all Barry Richards wants for Christmas. Desperate for a traditional holiday, he creates a profile on "," in hopes of finding the perfect man in a matter of weeks. One date after another goes sour, while all around him friends are falling in love, and Barry starts to lose faith.

The first snow falls and the world fills with seasonal cheer, all except for Barry, for whom time is running out. Facing the prospect of a lonely holiday, he tries just once more to make The Match Before Christmas.


For more of Barry's dating adventures, check out Fanning the Flames, which picks up at Valentine's Day, and side character Otis searches for his happy ever after in A Lie I Can Live With, a Thanksgiving-based tale.

Fanning the Flames 

The man of Barry's dreams has gone from a sugarplum fantasy to sweet reality, thanks to the GLBT dating site Introducing a new boyfriend to the family and settling into coupledom aren't the easiest things in the world for a man with little dating experience, but the romantic demands of Valentine's Day are beyond Barry's imagination. His piteous cry for help brings all kinds of suggestions from family and friends. Fully believing he's found the perfect ways to charm his sweetheart, Barry isn't prepared to hear "Achoo " at every turn. Adam's allergic to what? And will sneezes and welts wreck Barry's painstaking plans for Fanning the Flames? 

A Lie I Can Live With 

A dating site profile faked up to make geeky gamer Otis Tucker more alluring hasn’t done much for his social life, so what does he have to lose by putting his real picture and honest interests online? His pal Barry swears there’s someone out there who will love Otis for himself, extra pounds and all. 

Handsome Garret Mims sends “I’d love to meet you!” but takes things so slow Otis is quite sure they’re stopped. Is it really a date if there’s not so much as a kiss between them? Maybe he shouldn’t worry about Garret’s intentions and just enjoy every platonic moment. Instead, Otis could work on finding the missing ingredient for his pumpkin pies before Thanksgiving. 

Garret’s up front in every way but one, and Otis may have found a lie he can live with. 

Why settle for one? Why not get all three?

Adventures in computer dating. 

What starts as Barry Richards’ desire for someone to share Christmas grows into an adventure in friendship and a little matchmaking of his own. Now the three-story set: The Match Before Christmas, Fanning the Flames, and A Lie I Can Live With have been combined into a single collection. 

Follow Barry and his friends as they navigate the tricky (and often bizarre) world of Internet dating, in their search for love. 

Contains the complete texts of The Match Before Christmas, Fanning the Flames, and A Lie I can Live With, which are also available separately.