Saturday, May 28, 2016

Flight by Eden Winters

“Stay, don’t go,” they said to him,
“Don’t venture from the nest,
Hide here and they’ll never know,
Lies will keep you safe.”

And so he stayed behind the glass,
longing to be free,
With every soul he saw take wing,
He mourned what couldn’t be.

He gave someone his heart and soul,
And never let him know,
For doing so would tell the truth,
And leave him so exposed.

Love from afar ate at his heart,
And bitterness began,
Why couldn’t he follow his own path
As openly as his friends?

What made their lives worth more than his,
That he could never show,
His true self to all the world,
His longing to be loved?

“Follow your heart, don’t be like me,”
An old man said to him,
“A life lived by another’s rules,
Isn’t truly living.”

“But I am afraid!” he cried,
While tears flooded his eyes,
To be who he was born to be,
He’d have to break some ties,

What would they think? What would they say?
If ever he should leave,
But staying killed him day by day,
His battle to deceive.

Who were they to judge right and wrong?
Place their beliefs on him?
He who’d tried to get along,
Had as much right as them,

To live his life being who he was,
And never have to hide.
To live and love with all his might,
Letting heart and love be guide,

And so he took those first few steps,
Though others caused despair,
They told him he would go to Hell,
Wasn’t he already there?

He turned his face into the wind,
To start his life anew,
Holding the hand he’d longed to hold,
He spread his wings and flew. 

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