Thursday, April 23, 2015

Announcement About the Diversion Series

Collusion, the second installment in the Diversion series, is currently out of print, and Rocky Ridge Books will soon announce it's re-release. New cover, a bit of brushing up of the text, but same story.

Redemption, the fifth book in the Diversion series, is currently with my crit partners, gaining their valuable input, then the story will be polished and sent to my editor. Before it publishes though, there's going to be a change to the series' look.

When I wrote Diversion, I'd envisioned a stand-alone, one-time telling of Bo and Lucky's story, but Lucky, insufferable jerk that he can be, didn't let me stop there. Book five will publish this year, and I've already planned out three more books, for eight. And still ideas come by the bucketful. That means eight covers (at least), and I'm just not a designer. Finding images to depict each installment was beyond my scope, even with a totally awesome artist who listened to me and gave exactly what I asked for. Even when using a friend on covers, with his busy schedule and mine, it's hard to get pictures.

So, for the announcement. The series will soon be sporting new, thematic covers. I've seen them, and they're gorgeous.

Stay tuned for a cover reveal.


  1. Have just finished Book 4 'Manipulation' & can't wait for Book 5. Don't suppose you could be a little bit more specific about when Book 5 will be published, especially considering the way you left Bo at the end of Book 4?! Can't wait to hear more of Lucky's family & their joint tale. Great series.

  2. I'm thinking no later than August. I use at least four critique partners with every book, and just got the file back from the second one. I'll look at their suggestions tomorrow, then send the book on the the third. Depending on how busy they are, this could take two weeks to two months. Then, on to the editor! It's a drawn-out process, but I hope it smooths the rough edges off the story for a polished finished book. I'm so glad you're enjoying the series.