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Guest Post by Z. Allora

You may be aware that the talented Z. Allora is a world traveler, a friend, and a crit partner, but did you also know that she uses her travels and experiences to educate others about what life is like for GLBT individuals in other countries? With her novel, Made in China, we peeked in on a quartet of hot young rocker boys, but we also toured key sites in China, and learned about  the culture and why the protagonists couldn't just hold hands and march down the streets.

In her latest offering, Illusions and Dreams, she presents us with a view of Thailand and Thai people that you may not have even considered. But now, I'll let her explain in her own words.

Greetings!!!!! I’m going to tell you a tale of how my sweet but demanding Southern belle helped me shape Illusions & Dreams.

It was a usual Friday morning and I was hanging out with my buddy Eden Winters at Starbucks.

Shit, she re-read the first page of my WIP at least ten times. God, what did I screw up this time? This had to  be the fourth time she’s gone through this first chapter.

She glanced up from Illusions & Dreams. Fuck! Did she hear my thoughts?  She sipped her decaf and asked, “Z. what’s Bangkok like?”

Oh, well okay. That’s easy! I LOVE Bangkok. I’ve been there four or five times. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. “It’s awesome. The people are so friendly. Even when they bargain they laugh and joke. The sites are specular and the architecture… ”

“Is it hot?”

I nodded. “Oh my God, yes! It’s always boiling, even late at night. The air is so thick it’s almost like you can smell the heat. You’re always a sweaty mess, but the air con feels like Heaven.”

She nodded. “Is the food as good in Bangkok as it is at our favorite Thai restaurant?”

“Nah, it’s so much better in Bangkok. The taste is fresher and more flavorful.”

“What do you think your characters would order in Illusions & Dreams?”

Hmmm, I’m blonde, but she’s going somewhere with this…  “Um, Basil chicken?”

She leaned forward to further the interrogation. “Would they smell it as they walked into the ladyboy club?”

“Yes, of course.” The basil and spices would scent the air and make every customer hungry, even if they’d just eaten.

“Make me feel it! Make me smell it!!! Take me to Bangkok. I’ve never been. Most of your readers have never been… bring us there. Make us feel it.”


That was how Eden Winters taught me the importance of making my readers feel it. I have the keys to a Bangkok experience and I learned to share.

In Illusions & Dreams I take you to a ladyboy club and allow you to watch a show. You’ll visit Ayutthaya where you’ll stroll the grounds of temple ruins and come face to face with the Buddha head in the bodi tree. You get to play with baby tigers at the Tiger Temple and experience the Grand Palace without overheating. You’ll stroll through the infamous Pat Pong and stop at a bar for our characters to have some kinky fun. You’ll shop until the characters drop down at the Weekend Market. You’ll explore parts of Bangkok without ever leaving the comfort of your house.

Apart from making the reader ‘feel it’, I hope Illusions & Dreams gives the reader a better understanding of ladyboys and transgender issues. I want to show there’s not one way to express being transgender, and as always, love isn’t about gender. Love is love.
Illusions & Dreams Blurb:

Randy Camster failed at being married. His life now centers around work, TV sports, and listening to his friend Jake complain about how Randy’s lack of a sex life will be the downfall of mankind. Not true! Well, not totally. He’s just never understood the fascination with sex until… ladyboy performer Lalana Dulyarat shimmies into his world via an Internet ad for Thailand tourism.

Jake O’Neil’s open pansexuality yields him interesting bedmates, but he’s never chased after the mythical illusion of love. He focuses on others, like his best friend Randy, who needs a Bang-Cock vacation. Finding an adorable little imp named Boon-nam wasn’t on the itinerary. Gay, straight, and undecided, Jake has had ‘em all, but never a virgin aching to take a walk on the kinky side after having her affirmation surgery. Talk about pressure. And what’s with everyone warning him not to break her heart? His is the one in danger.

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Author Bio:

Z. Allora thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and she makes sure they get one. Her stories are about love and romance and are tied together with erotic sex. She utilizes her time overseas and travels to bring you to places you've yet to visit. She introduces you to cultures you've yet to explore. But with every word she writes she tries to convey love is love.

Facebook: ZAllora Allora

Twitter: @Z.Allora


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