Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Manipulation Update... and Blurb!

Great news, Bo and Lucky fans! I've just gotten Manipulation edits back from my editor, Jerry L. Wheeler, and the super-talented L.C. Chase is polishing up the cover.

Now, for the blurb! (Drum roll, please!) 

Lucky has a new life. His old life wants him back.

He traded trafficking for taking down criminals with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, and a drug-lord lover for a man on the right side of the law. Bo Schollenberger found the way past the thorny defenses of Lucky’s heart, and made Mr. I-Get-Along-Fine-Alone think about his and his closets, stevia in the sugar bowl, and a picket fence—with a good lock on the gate.

Now Bo is missing, and a voice long silenced asks, “Did you miss me?”  Lucky must deal with a devil from his past to get Bo back.

And if Bo isn’t willing to come? A drug ring needs its back broken before flooding the US with a designer high, seductive and undetectable. But there’s a fine line between good and evil, and a truckload of temptation urging Lucky to cross. 

Comments? Suggestions?


  1. No comments other than anxiously asking "When? When?" as I make with the grabby hands. That is all, thank you.

  2. Hi, Karen! I'm aiming for November 1.