Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lovely Words for Highway Man (2nd Edition)

This weekend the newly released, extended version Highway Man received not one, but two five star (or marbles) ratings.

The first came for Cryselle at Cryselle's Bookshelf. Here's some of what she had to say:
"I read this in its first incarnation and loved it then, but in its new form we get about twice as much story and I think I love it about twice as much now."

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The second review came from Lisa at The Novel Approach, who labeled it a "Small Gem". Lisa had this to say:

"In true Eden Winters style, Highway Man is a romantic interlude that strums a poignant tune on the heartstrings, then comes to an uplifting end, earning its small gems recommendation."
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Maybe one day Killian and Mike will get a novel of their own. 

Killian Desmond’s dreams died in a flash of pain and the scream of twisted metal. He lost it all the night a tour bus sailed off a mountainside, sending his band—with his brother—to their deaths.

Killian is dead too, if the papers are to be believed, and living a half-life of odd jobs, rodeo rides and pick up gigs. The road that once meant freedom is now Killy’s exile. No strings, no ties, no names for the one-night stands.

Answering a tribute band’s ad thrusts him face to face with his past, and into the arms of the one man who just might understand.

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For those of you who are wondering, the story has nearly doubled in size since the first edition.

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