Friday, March 21, 2014

Kind Words for Almost Mine

Lisa at The Novel Approach awarded Almost Mine 4.5 stars and had this to say:

This story is a refreshing change of pace in M/M romance, and did exactly what it was meant to do: make the reader feel the despair of a failed relationship and wonder at how something so perfect could’ve gone so wrong. Almost Mine is the tale of two mature men who’ve raised a child to adulthood, who’ve entered middle age, and who now see a very different future from the one they’d once imagined with more youthful eyes. It’s a story of loss and regret, but is also a story of second chances and reclaiming a love that had never truly died but had been allowed to wither into something small and painful that only needed to be seen and heard to be touched again.
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 A perfect life. A perfect home. A perfect husband. Gone in an instant.

Ian’s world turned upside down the day Travis walked out without so much as a word, or even a backward glance, leaving a lonely Ian to wonder why. Their son implores him, “Please go see Dad.”

Two years of hurt leaves Ian ready to confront the man who’d broken his heart, but what if everything he’d believed about their failed romance turned out to be wrong? What if the biggest problem in Ian’s marriage was…Ian?

Almost Mine, now available from Rocky Ridge Books. 


  1. I'm so glad this story got the wonderful review it deserved. I loved it. I loved the fact that it's such a beautiful reminder for all of us no matter what our sexual orientation is, that love needs to be treasured and cared for, in order to flourish and thrive. It also showed that going through difficult times and challenges doesn't always mean the end of a relationship if you're willing to keep trying. Excellent story, I so glad you share your talent with the world.

  2. Thank you, Karen! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!