Sunday, February 2, 2014

Condom Use: In Fiction and In Life

There have been endless debates on whether or not condoms should be used in romance novels. The arguments range from "But it's fiction!" to "condoms take away from the romance" and even "that's not how it is in reality." Some have even said that condom use in gay romance is a "woman thing."

My dear friend and partner in writing, P.D. Singer, posted an excellent essay on the topic that's well worth reading.

Find it here:

And to lay waste to the argument that safer sex is a "woman thing", Lambda award winning author Brent Hartinger masterminds The Real Story Safe Sex Project, promoting safe sex, in part, through books.

Find more about the project and download his free story, Two Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch, here:

I'm currently at work on a short story for the project.

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