Sunday, December 22, 2013

Secrets of My Characters

No one knows an author's characters better than the creator, and many times we write something into our stories, or think we do, that may go unnoticed. Personally, I like to toss in what I consider a wink and a nudge for readers, who may pick up on a commonality within my books. Case in point: I believe all hospitals in my stories (and I put my boys in the hospital a lot) are called Mercy General.

Here's some other little tidbits you may not have picked up on:

1) While Noah of The Angel of 13th Street series is visiting "Mercy General", he encounters a red-haired nurse. Normally a bit-part character doesn't get named. This one did: Angie.

Red-haired nurse Angie is Micheal's sister in The Telling. I'd been reading about The Traveling Nurse program and thought it'd be cool to have her in Angel.

2) Erica from Settling the Score is lesbian. Those who wrote me about her want me to write her story.

3) Loretta Johnson, the burly, tattooed agent (and scene-stealer) from Corruption is having an affair with DEA intern Phillip. I had to delete the scenes because they didn't forward the story, but I left some sub-text. Their relationship will come into play in future installments.

4) Alex and Paul of The Wish have a cameo appearance in pal P.D. Singer's Mistletoe on the Mountain. They are the couple Kurt and Jake see shopping.

5) The Legion of Noorvik is an alien mercenary group from a video game in A Lie I Can Live With. Noorvik is a city in Alaska.

6) In my upcoming contribution for the Butt Ninjas from Hell anthology, I needed names for my demons. You guessed it: they're all names of Alaskan cities.

p.s. I was born in Alaska. It holds a special place in my heart.

7) It's very common in my stories for characters to change their names. I'm not sure why I do that, it just sort of happens. 

If and when I ever get the sequel to The Telling finished, look for Bo and Lucky of the Diversion series to make a brief appearance.

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