Saturday, October 26, 2013


I've been busy catching up after GayRomLit, and haven't had time to post reviews, but two of my books have had very kind words said about them lately:

The wonderful Lena Grey at Rainbow Book Reviews read and commented on Diversion and Collusion.

She had this to say about Diversion:

"If you'd like to read a story which educates without dumping information, which is also loaded with humor, passion, character development, and intensity, then this may be the book for you. Thanks, Eden, for introducing us to Lucky and Bo. I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the sequel."

Read entire review here: 

Lena followed up the review with one for the sequel, Collusion:
"Although not quite as intense as the first, the second book in this series is every bit as good. Getting to know more about Bo and Lucky is bittersweet at times, but it is enlightening and re-affirming as well. Their jovial banter is still there adding comic relief; but their conversations, for the most part, are of a far more serious nature, as these two complicated men do their best to open up and express their love. Our education of the drug trafficking drama continues along with the appalling heartbreak it brings in its wake. Although it seems like an endless battle, it's a cause that can't be deserted because even if it makes a difference to one person, it's worth the fight. Fans of the first book in this series will not be disappointed with this sequel. I recommend it, not only to those who have read the first book, but to those who might be considering the series. It's full of adventure, intrigue, passion, angst, and a satisfying conclusion. Thank you, Eden, for continuing Bo and Lucky's story. I'm looking forward to book three."
Read full Collusion review here: 

Both books are available from Amber Allure: 

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