Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous Review for Collusion

Just as I'm putting the finishing touches on Corruption, the third installment of the Diversion series, in comes a lovely four and a half star review for its big brother, Collusion, the second book in the series.

Reviewer Lydia had this to say:

The author brings the readers another great mystery with this newest case that could have been taken from the headlines. The case has a few twists and turns, keeping the reader entertained. It brings to light some hidden parts of our heroes that help flesh out their characters. As the author wraps up this story, I was surprised by how everything comes about, but not by the way Lucky ends up taking things into his own hands.
This was a great follow up, and I love the way the author has these two declare their feelings for each other. Fans of Diversion need to make sure that they pick up Collusion, while those who have not yet read anything by Ms. Winters should give her stories a try.

Dead men can’t love.

Former drug trafficker Richmond “Lucky” Lucklighter “died” in the line of duty while working off a ten-year sentence in service to the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, only to be reborn as Simon “Lucky” Harrison. The newbie he trained, former Marine Bo Schollenberger, is now his partner on (and maybe off) the job. It’s hard to tell when Lucky doesn’t understand relationships or have a clue what any sane human is doing in his bed. Bo’s nice to have around, sure, but there’s none of that picking-out-china-together crap for Lucky.

While fighting PTSD, memories of a horrid childhood, and a prescription drug addiction, Bo is paying for his mistakes. Using his pharmacy license for the good guys provides the sort of education he never got in school. Undercover with his hard-headed partner, Bo learns that not everything is as it seems in the world of pharmaceuticals.

When a prescription drug shortage jeopardizes the patients at Rosario Children’s Cancer Center, it not only pits Bo and Lucky against predatory opportunists, but also each other. How can they tell who the villains are? The bad guys don’t wear black hats, but they might wear white coats.

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