Thursday, March 7, 2013

Summer Boys now available from ARe

Summer Boys is back, longer by 5,000 words, and available at All Romance Ebooks. The original version was for a submissions call, and restricted to 8,000 words. Some serious trimming snuck it in under the wire for a charity fund raiser, but now that the story has reverted to me I got the chance to flesh it out some. The result is over 13,000 words, and I think does a better job of capturing the protagonist's journey from mourning to opening his heart to the possibility of new love.

Ferris Stuart has two missions to accomplish while on vacation on Oahu: research for a new Hawaiian Islands themed hotel and have a little fun, something he hasn't had much of since his partner died two years ago. So far he's managed to halfheartedly accomplish the first task; however, he's failing miserably at the second. That is, until a charming islander shows him both the locale and how to start living again.

Summer Boys, from Rocky Ridge Press, now available at ARe.

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