Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rainbow Book Reviews on Duet

Lena Grey at Rainbow Book Reviews had this to say about my recently re-released historical/contemporary/paranormal romance, Duet:

This very romantic story is actually two woven together–one in the past and another in the present, intricately entwined with music and love. Aillil and Malcolm's love is so strong that even time can't keep them apart. It reaches into the present with an incredibly forceful projection which proves to be undeniable. It gives us the feeling that these two men, having endured so much, and loved so deeply, most assuredly belong together. If you enjoy beautiful music, castles, kilts, handsome men, abiding love, ghosts, and other supernatural occurrences, you will surely love 'Duet'. Thank you, Eden, for an extraordinary and endearing love story of bravery and perseverance.
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