Monday, March 4, 2013

New Release - Summer Boys

Two years ago I was priviledged to participate in a fundraiser for It Gets Better via Torquere Press. The call asked for stories on the subject of getting better. My offering dealt with a man lost in his grief, unable to move on after the death of his partner.

Unfortunately, each story was limited to 8,000 words or less, and it took a great deal of trimming to meet that goal. Now that the fundraiser has ended, Summer Boys has returned to me. With a lovely new cover and 5,000 extra words, this little novelette now tells a more complete story.

Ferris Stuart has two missions to accomplish while on vacation on Oahu: research for a new Hawaiian Islands themed hotel and have a little fun, something he hasn't had much of since his partner died two years ago. So far he's managed to halfheartedly accomplish the first task; however, he's failing miserably at the second. That is, until a charming islander shows him both the locale and how to start living again.

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