Monday, December 24, 2012

An Unexpected Christmas Gift--From Reviewer Amos Lassen

I had the privilege of meeting Amos Lassen at the Lambda Awards earlier this year, after having read countless numbers of his reviews. Recently he told me he was about to read and review my novel, Naked Tails, and I must say that I was a bit nervous. I mean, stacked up next to some of the greatest GLBT novels of our time, what would he think of a passel of possum shifters from Possum Kingdom, Georgia?

Well, today he gave me a lovely gift in the form of a review that brought happy tears to my eyes.

Here's some of what Amos had to say:
"Now all of you probably want to know how does the author succeed in writing a love story about possums and keep our interest at the same time? That you would have to ask the writer. She does it and she does it beautifully and it indeed helps that she includes detail and well created characters. She writes with wit and humor and there is a certain “I am not sure what” quality to her writing. I am quite sure that most of us would consider a story about possum shifters to be a ridiculous idea and to a degree it is. Winters is able to turn that “ridiculous idea” into a wonderful story of identity and love. Winters gives us a look at friendship, family and loyalty and the story is really about one finding his place in the world."
Read the entire review on Amos's site. 

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