Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Friday Review on Tuesday--Hey, I couldn't wait...

Today's review is The Rebuilding Year, by Kaje Harper, that I just finished reading a short while ago.

"It's not the gender, color, race, or religion I'm attracted to; it's the person."  That's what a young friend once said to me, and since then I've met more and more people who've repeated variations of the same thing. Lines are blurring, labels are falling by the wayside (thank goodness!), and people are seeing each other as people first, everything else later.

And in the mix John meets Ryan, two lonely souls who fit together and fall in love. I wouldn't call this story "gay for you" or "out for you," it's merely kindred spirits who click, jump hurdles that would cause many to stumble, and come out on solid ground.

Together with John's son (and from a distance, his daughter), a wounded warrior and an artist in need of something, he's not sure what, begin a family.

The mystery was masterfully woven in, and the action sequences had my heart pounding. The romance was sweet and touching. One of my favorite parts of the book was the pacing. The story never rushed or dragged, it ambled along at a steady yet leisurely pace.

I must say, though, that when I saw the cover of this book and the title, for some reason I thought it was a historical, until I happened upon a review. (I love historicals, so it was still going on my TBR list.)

A truly lovely read.

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