Saturday, September 8, 2012

Possum Shifter Snark!

Whoot! Saturday is snark day!

Today's installment of Saturday Snark is brought to you courtesy of Naked Tails, a tail of love, skinny dipping, and possum shifters.

Dustin fretted, checking his hair in the mirror, more a stall tactic than actual concern over his appearance. How did you tell the man you’d been having sex with, “Oh, yeah, I get furry once a month, more often if the mood hits, isn’t that a hoot?” waiting for the right opportunity to add, “Oh, did I mention you’re gonna get furry too? Remember the sweet little receptionist at the office? Well, seems she followed a snoot full of eau de macaroni pie to your house, hunting a nibble and—can you believe it?—bit you instead! Have you ever heard anything so doggone hilarious?”
He cringed. There didn’t seem to be a correct way to induct the unwary into the passel. Would Seth hate Tiffany? Would he blame Dustin for not warning him of the dangers?
With less enthusiasm than previous trips Dustin arrived at the farm house far faster than he’d hoped. He needed more time to work things out. Oh well, no help for it now. As passel leader and Seth’s lover, he couldn’t conveniently pass this task to another. He fully believed if he left it up to her, Monica would barge in, yell, “You’re a damned possum, get the hell over it,” and leave. 
Look for Naked Tails to publish in December, from Dreamspinner Press.

Thanks to Marie Sexton for hosting the weekly snark-a-thon. Find her contribution here. 

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  1. I just love your snarks, they never cease to make me smile :)

  2. Thanks! Saturdays are so much fun now with the snark-fest.

  3. Can I just say "OMG POSSUM SHIFTERS"?

    Because, OMG!

  4. Yeah, possum shifters. The story started two years ago when a possum invaded the walls of my house. I started thinking, "What if..."

  5. I read this Saturday but got called away and I was remembering this all day, and even said to my sister-in-law as we were making dinner, "You're a damned possum, so get the hell over it!" We were cracking up the whole football game. :D

  6. Glad it made you laugh! Monica was a fun character to write. She speaks her mind, is highly opinionated, and gets several good lines.

  7. I heard there were possum shifters, so now I'm here.
    Love this little passage (: and I can't wait to read the whole story.
    Also, possum shifters!!!! Omg I love possums *flails all over you*

  8. LOL! Hi Sylvia! Yeah, this story started out when a possum crawled under my house two years ago.

    I need to post a pic, but I have a fake fiscus tree in my living room with a Webkin possum hanging by his tail from a branch. I decorate him with bows and lights at Christmas.