Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Snark - Collusion

Today's Saturday Snark comes from the draft of Collusion, the sequel to Diversion. Lucky always has snark to spare. He's been "arrested" as part of a sting operation, by his nemesis, Keith. Their boss, Walter, looks on.
Grumbling under his breath, Keith got out and opened the back door, hauling Lucky upright. Lucky didn’t exactly fight him, being under their boss’s watchful eye, but he didn’t exactly help either. 
 The cuffs snicked free and Lucky jerked his arms in front of him, rubbing abused wrists. Out of Walter’s line of sight, Keith mouthed, “Fucker.”
Lucky replied, “Not that’ll do you any good. I do have standards, you know.”
 “Lucky, that’s enough,” Walter quietly intoned, handing a Starbucks cup over the seat. “Get some sleep, then report in this afternoon.” Lucky stepped out of the car while the man he’d never admit to admiring added, “You did good.”
 Keith gave him the hairy eyeball from the side mirror. Lucky stuck out his tongue. The car pulled away, leaving Lucky in front of his duplex.
“Another wild night, I see,” his landlady commented from the unit next door, where she sat on her porch swing stroking one of about seven cats. 
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  1. Eden, these guys are quickly becoming favorites! I can see the landlady's raised eyebrow, lol.

  2. Thanks, ya'll. Lucky's is the perfect character for Saturday Snark, but he may have met his match in his landlady.

  3. A sequel to DIVERSION! Best news I've had in days (even though the lack of any mention of Bo worries me). God love Lucky...


  4. Bo will be there. This was an early scene, Lucky finishing up a solo assignment.