Monday, August 27, 2012

MM Authors Exposed

I've been posting for two weeks now about a new project started with fellow authors D.H. Starr, Ethan Stone, P.D. Singer, Fyn Alexander, Sedonia Guillone, and artist Jared Rackler, who also happens to be an aspiring writer. Today we're launching our new site.

Here's how it works. Want to know how we got our start? What's our biggest writing obstacles? What we like to do for fun? Visit us at our Goodreads Group, on our Facebook Page, or at the site, and bring us your questions. They'll be posed to the group and we'll answer on the site.

Here's the first question and answers: "What's your process for getting your idea down on page?"

Official announcement:

Hello world!

To our devoted readers…welcome to MM Authors Exposed where authors and readers can interact in an honest and safe environment. We wanted to create a forum where we could interact with you, the reader, the most important people in our world.
We’ve also created a Goodreads group for you to join where you can feed us your questions so please follow the link and join our group.
As authors, our greatest desire is to allow those characters in our heads and hearts out so they see the world. But it’s just as important to us that our stories resonate with you, the reader. So please ask us anything from funny questions to serious and we’ll respond.
Thanks for spending some time with us and happy reading.
Authors Exposed

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