Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coming Soon - Part 3

As part of the upcoming announcement about a collaborative effort between myself and few other writers, I'd like you to meet another member of the team behind M/M Authors Exposed, a site designed for authors and readers to hang out and interact. You know me, and yesterday I introduced D. H. Starr. Today I'm very pleased present my very dear friend, P.D. Singer, author of The Mountain series and The Rare Event, among other works. She's also the one who encouraged me to publish to begin with.

Read more about P.D. Singer on M/M Authros Exposed:

Wednesday you'll meet the next member of our group. Here's the weekly schedulede:

Monday - I'm hosting a guest appearance by writer Sue Brown. Be sure to stop by to find out about her lastest work, and say hello.

Tuesday - The second installment of my new series on Early Literary Influences - Books That Shaped My Life.

Wednesday - Meet the next member of M/M Authors Exposed - Ethan Stone.

Thurdsday - Meet M/M Authors Exposed member Sedonia Guillone.

Friday - The Friday Review - Stop by and see which book I'm showing love to this week.

Saturday - Meet M/M Authors Exposed member Fyn Alexander.

Next Sunday I'll introduce the final member of M/M Authors Exposed - Jared Rackler, followed by a writeup of what we're hoping for from the site on Monday, August 27, the day the site goes live.

Have a great week, y'all!

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