Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dark Divas Reviews Diversion

While creating Lucky Lucklighter for Diversion, I wondered at his acceptance--he does not play well with others and works very hard to be a pain in the ass.  He's not particularly good-looking, and possesses no hint of tact. He also has a less than stellar past. Would readers hate him? Would they see past the anger and walls he erects to the vulnerable man hiding inside? And what of Bo, who fights his own demons?

Yet, in all their imperfections, Lucky and Bo seemed to strike a chord with readers. Here's some of what Doug at Dark Divas Reviews had to say:
What I loved about Diversion was how both protagonists were somewhat damaged. Lucky was certainly more damaged and plagued by ghosts from his past, but Bo’s past wasn’t as boy-next-door as Lucky had originally thought. But the antagonists were also somehow relatable and had qualities which made them somewhat likable. The ability to draw characters who clearly fit the roles of good guys and bad guys, but to weave in a very real humanity into each one is a brilliant skill Ms. Eden masterfully weaves into each story.

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