Saturday, April 14, 2012

Five Star Review for Diversion at ReviewsbyJessewave

What a wonderful thing to find first thing in the morning: a well thought  out, well stated review for my latest novel, Diversion. That the reviewer rated the book five stars is icing on the cake.

Here's a bit of what reviewer Cryselle had to say:
Once again, Eden Winters has demonstrated why she’s one of my “must buy” authors: I swear Diversion is her best yet. With some plot points ripped straight out of the headlines and shaped deftly into a story that is uniquely hers, and vivid and offbeat characters that riff perfectly off each other, this was a book I had to read more than once.
Very highly recommended: this book works on a lot of levels, and, oh yeah, Bo and Lucky sizzle together. Two words: assless chaps. 

Read entire review here:

Check out the site next Wednesday, April 18, when Wave will be posting an interview with yours truly.