Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day in the Life of My GayRomLit Swag

I've heard the question asked a few times, "What did folks do with the GayRomLit swag they got in Nola? Are they using it?" Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I sure do! And I chuckle when people ask, "Where did you get that?" So here's a little play by play of the swag in my life on an average Saturday. Oh, how did I live without it?

I stagger to the kitchen in my Belinda McBride Black/Bleu T-shirt and pour hot, strong brew into my Uncommon Whore mug. While adding creamer I straighten my T.A. Chase Pestilence refrigerator magnet. Back in the bedroom I try to decide what to wear today, but the danged lightbulb in the closet blew out. No problem. I'll just grab my handy-dandy, P.D. Singer keychain flashlight.

When I lay my flashlight down on the dresser, I barely miss the pile of trading cards that I've been meaning to buy a book to put them in. Poor lonely Jake and Griff. I need to remember to ask P.D. and Damon Suede for Kurt and Dante cards.  Never fear. I'll just make a note in my Dreamspinner day planner, grabbing a pen from a jar on the dresser. Let's see, which pen should I use? Will it be Devon Rhodes' or Carol Lynne's?

My lips are feeling a little dry, so I dab on some Missy Welsh lip balm. I'm going to the gym today, so can't forget my T.A. Chase War water bottle. It's purdy. I toss it into my William Neale "Hot and Steamy" bag, and out the door I go! I get stuck in traffic, but I don't fret. I take out my frustrations on my Trini Lane stress heart.

Hmmm.... Which book is going in with me? Will it be Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T.D. McKinney and Terry Wylis, or Life Of Something Scary Like That by T.C. Blue?

To keep my water bottle from getting damp and slippery, I slide it into a Rainbow Ebooks coosey. I throw my keys into the gym locker, smiling a little at the Joyee Flynn "Pecker Checker" dangling from the ring.

After my workout, while in line at the bank, I dig through my purse for my Ethan Day pen, scribbling a few notes on my Eden Winters post-it pad.

Whew! What a day! Back at home I relax, placing my frosty drink on my Carol Lynne/T.A. Chase Anarchy in Blood coaster. Now to blog about my day, my mouse skating over my Eden Winters The Angel of 13th Street/Settling the Score mouse pad. Hey! I thought I gave all those away! I cut my blogging short because I have a Jonathan Treadway flashdrive full of free reads.

Hmmm.... I wonder what kind of haul I'll bring home from Albuquerque. Should I take an extra suitcase?


Note: This list is by no means all the swag I got, but I don't want this post to be too long. Let's just say I made out like a bandit. And yes, I definitely use  these promos and am collecting the trading cards.


  1. LOL! But... you're using your own swag?! :D

  2. I needed post-its and a mousepad! Hee. Actually, The post-its were damaged in transit and I use a mouse with new laptop, and suddenly discovered I needed a mousepad well past the hour when I might consider running out to WalMart. This year I'll probably make Diversion or Fallen Angel mousepads.