Monday, February 27, 2012

Diversion - Sneak Peek!

With less than three weeks before publication day, I thought I'd share a sneak peek at Bo and Lucky,  the heroes of my upcoming novel, Diversion, in which they find a way to mix a little pleasure in with work.


On the other side of the car, Bo gasped but didn't interrupt. "I tilt the candle a bit, letting the melted wax drip down the side." He paused, wanting his captive audience to wait for it, letting the anticipation build. "I dribble wax on your pecs. It's hot, but not too hot. Not enough to burn." Back in his younger days, Lucky'd experimented enough to determine where the line between pain and pleasure blurred. Encouraged by Bo's silence, he carried on. "I make patterns around your nipples and belly button. Ummm... I can get to your belly button with the chaps on, can't I?"

"You can now," Bo hissed. Eyes on the parking lot, Lucky sensed the little rocking motions the man in the next seat made.

"I peel the wax off one nipple with my thumbnail. It leaves a perfect imprint. I pucker up and blow against the skin." He shivered at his own words, though the temperature in the car had spiked. Following his imagination down the rabbit hole, he lost himself in the scene vividly etched in his mind. Smooth, unblemished skin, marred by waxy spatters, nipples hard, Bo's cock jutting out, exquisitely framed by silver buckles and black leather. It nearly stole Lucky's breath.

"Go… go on," Bo stuttered.

Lucky did a quick check on their target. Below, the parking lot began to clear, nothing out of the ordinary for that time of day. Another sunny afternoon in addiction land. "I lower my head and suck your nipple into my mouth. Do you like it rough? Want me to bite?"

"Oh God yeah!" was whispered on a moan.

"I reach down and grab your dick, squeezing. Do you like it fast or slow?"

"Both. Grab my balls with your other hand? Gently."

"Yeah I got 'em. You haven't shaved in a while, have you? You're stubbly," Lucky improvised.

"Been awhile. Don't wanna take up too much bathroom time when I gotta share the hot water. Now what?"

Dropping his voice a few measures, Lucky purred, "What do you want me to do?"

"Oh God! Suck me, please!" Bo's whimper made the sweetest music. As vocal as the man was now, if they were fucking for real, he'd probably be moaning and yelling. Lucky locked his hand down on his shaft, fighting back the need to come. The game ended; now he played for keeps.

A man, woman, and two kids passed behind the car, chattering away about something or other. Lucky and Bo made nary a sound, other than deep inhales and exhales, until the family passed out of hearing range.

"I'm licking your balls," Lucky began again; "they're heavy, full. They draw up when I take them in my mouth, first one then the other. I flatten my tongue and run it up your shaft. You're trembling, pushing up at me. You're begging me for more."

 The words from his fantasy transported to the real world with Bo's hissed, "Please."

"Please what?" Not a car remained in the parking lot below, and a glance at the dash clock showed 5:07. "It's after five, we're off the clock. Say the word and this ends here, two guys killing time." Please don't say the word, whatever the hell it may be. "If you don't want me to stop, I won't. In about two months, I'm outta here. No one has to know. What happens wherever the hell we are, stays wherever the hell we are."

Check out Diversion on Amber Quill Press' "Coming Soon" page, part of their Amber Allure imprint. 


  1. Sounds great, and steamy! Congrats. Looking forward to it!

  2. ohhh, Lucky and Bo... Can't wait, Eden!

  3. Congrats on your upcoming release. Thank you for the great tease...*S* Wow! I love this excerpt! Hot is saying hot mildly. I'm so adding to this book to my gotta have list Eden.
    Thank you for the giveaway, and wishing you continued success and more sales too..*S*


  4. Thanks, ya'll. Just a little over a week to go!