Friday, December 9, 2011

Love shown to A Lie I Can Live With at Brief Encounters Reviews

Cole at Brief Encounters Reviews rated A Lie I Can Live With an "A" and had this to say about the story:

There’s so much to say about this story, and I’m sure that I’ll find other things when I read this again and again, as I know I will. Otis has now made my list of my all time favorite characters, right next to Barry. For the happiness this story gave me alone, I have to give it an A, and recommend it highly to everyone I know!

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  1. Yay!

    I am so glad it's Friday...

  2. Oh me too! I'm coming up on three four-day weeks in a row. Writing time!!!

    Have you ever seen the only het I ever wrote, "Betty's Arrival?" I'm developing it into a novel. It's been on my hard drive for three years now.

  3. Erm... I can't remember the last het book I read... O.o

    Hmm. My veri word is decat.

  4. "Decat" hee. Hope that never happens. Ear scritches to Chaos and Mayhem!

    I originally wrote Betty as a challenge to create a BDSM, futuristic spoof. It didn't win the challenge, and it has been rejected a few times, but I'm holding true to my original vision, even if I have to self pub. I don't read het anymore, but feel the need to finish what I started with this story.

    Diversion has benefitted greatly from your wisdom. The timeline is straightened out (with the help of a calendar) and I'm hoping to sub it by New Year's. Thanks so much for all you do!

  5. Aw, you are very welcome!!! :)

    Since May destroyed about 95% of my long-suffering grape ivy earlier this evening, I thought it a particularly amusing veri word. :)

  6. Hee... I remember threatening to decat my house a time or two. Sigh. All I want for Christmas now is for landlady to relax the no pet restrictions. Some poor kitty at the Humane Society needs to be spoiled rotten this Christmas by a human that's a sucker and will cater to their every whim.

  7. *sends kitty love thoughts to your landlady*

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the review, Eden :)

    As for the kitty: I'm sending my thoughts that way, just as I have two sprawled all over me, trying to lay on the keyboard like usual :) They're so cute I can't bear to move them, but now my legs are starting to cramp!

  9. LOL, Cole! Glad it's not just me that happens to...

    Hmm. My veri word is purreot. Obviously related to cats.

  10. About five years ago I had an American Eskimo dog on one side of my lap, and a huge, white American Longhair cat on the other. Growling at each other while I tried to type. Sigh. I miss my little fur babies. White hair covered my entire world, and I had a lint roller for my car, my desk at work, my purse... you get the idea. Sadly, my angels are in fur baby Heaven now, probably still growling at each other. I think they probably cuddled up and played nice when I wasn't there. They were just jealous whenever I was around. After having been the servant of pets, it's hard to survive without one... or two.