Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kind Words for A Lie I Can Live With

Review Feliz had this to say about A Lie I Can Live With at Reviews by Jessewave:

I loved watching those two men slowly getting to know each other. Although the story is told from Otis’s POV, I felt like I got to know Garrett very well, too. He’s not at all a shallow beauty queen, but has depths and personality and his own set of hang-ups (and the most adorable parents, by the way!) Garret literally turns Otis’s head with a good, old-fashioned courtship, which in turn brings out the very best in Otis. Those two made so much sense together and were two so likeable guys, I simply had to take them to my heart. Warmly recommended.
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  1. If only poor Otis knew how popular he'd be! I do love cuddly guys, but wouldn't turn down a sweetie like Garret either.