Friday, November 4, 2011

More Free Reads

Due to my insatiable appetite for books, back in my reader days I usually ran way overbudget on ebooks and I simply loved being handed a free read. Now that I'm an author, I enjoy offering other readers that same gift.

A few days ago the wonderful Cole uploaded What You Can't Live Without as a free read at Goodreads, and he's recently added a few more of my works: The Telling, Night Watch, and Boy Under the Bridge, a side story to novel The Wish (sorry, but The Wish is not included in this giveaway). They're offered in several formats, so simply go to the book's Goodreads page and click on "Download ebook" to select your format. The Telling is a full length novel, the rest of the offered titles are short stories of varying word counts.

The story I wrote for Dreamspinner Press' Halloween Howl, In Shadow, is also a free read, but not in downloadable format. And let's not forget Sweet Dreams, the story I wrote for the Goodread's M/M Romance Group's Hot Summer Days campaign, Don't Read in the Closet, a collection of twenty-four short stories by some of your favorite authors, and some that are bound to be future favorites.

The mother in me demands that you solemnly swear that you are old enough to read and possess such materials in your neck of the woods. That said -- enjoy!

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