Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free Read

Last year I had the priveledge of participating in Torquere Press' Charity Sips Blitz to benefit Doctors Without Borders. My story fell a bit into the "write what you know" category, drawing on my own experiences of being in El Salvador in January and February of 2001, when that poor country was hit by two horrific earthquakes and innumerable aftershocks. I had hoped with "What You Can't Live Without" to convey not only the danger, but also the beauty of El Salvador and the unbeatable spirit of her people.

Now that the charity campaign has officially ended, I'd like to share the story with any reader who enjoys M/M and would like to read Mitch and Nulfo's tale.

Here's the link. Just click "Download Ebook" and select your desired format. Many thanks to Cole for getting the file adapted and posted for me. You rock, Cole!


  1. Have you read the story? I really miss my friends in El Salvodor since I no longer work there. And I actually know someone who received a bad "beans and plantain" burn, as Mitch experiences while in Nulfo's village.

  2. I got the whole Charity Sips package last year, so yup, I read it. :)

  3. Have you read this year's? I'm a little behind. P.D. Singer has a very interesting new story out today, and I can't wait to read the finished version.

    By the way, the third part of The Match Before Christmas is slated for November 16. Wanna do a giveaway? It's Otis and Garret's tale, called "A Lie I Can Live With."

  4. I've read a few from this year's - I didn't buy the whole pack this time.

    Sure! Send me the blurb and cover art when you have them.

  5. Will do! Some who've been keeping up with the series have asked for a story about Otis. Sadly, I think this is the final installment; that is, if I can fight off the plot bunny of Barry and Adam moving in together.