Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Sad and a Happy

First the sad news. The Sip I wrote for last year's Torquere Press Charity Sip Blitz has reverted to me, so is no longer available to readers. The happy news is that my good friend, Jared Rackler, of Jared Rackler Designs, and created a new cover for What You Can't Live Without, and it will soon be available again here on my site, and a few other places.

The story was written to raise money for Doctors Without Borders and has done it's part. I thank everyone who bought a copy or otherwise contributed to that worthy effort. Now that the story is mine again I plan to make a gift of it to readers.

Take a look at the purdy new cover!

Now, if only I can remember how to make a PDF...


  1. Thanks! Now that it's served its purpose, I'm spiffing it up a little as a giveaway to show readers my appreciation.