Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review for my upcoming Charity Sip - Summer Boys

Elizabeth Coldwell, fellow author and contributor to this year's Torquere Press Charity Sips Blitz, benefitting the It Gets Better Project, had this to say about Summer Boys:
In this neatly crafted little story, Eden Winters takes the reader on a trip to Paradise. The resort at Waikiki is vividly described, and Ferris’ initial loneliness in the heart of so much beauty is all too believable. The erotic interaction between Ferris and Miko, men from two very different worlds who turn out to have a lot in common, is hot and heavy, and the message about overcoming grief and learning to live your life again is entirely in keeping with the theme of things getting better. With an ending that’s guaranteed to bring a lump to your throat, Summer Boys is one for all lovers of feel-good erotic romance.
Read her entire review here:

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