Monday, September 26, 2011

Love shown to Settling the Score at ARe

It seems Val Kovalin at All Romance Ebooks, enjoyed my novel, Settling the Score, and had this to say about it:
Settling the Score by Eden Winters is a novel at approximately 85,000 words from Torquere Books. An elaborately plotted marvel, it includes several classic themes. You get opposites attract, coming of age, parallel done-him-wrong and revenge themes, and even a modern gay version of the George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion. The two main characters Troy (a gruff author) and Joey (a sunny-natured mechanic) are a delight together and interacting with a swarm of vivid characters, including a feisty female assistant to Troy, Joey’s colorful Southern family, and the two creepy villains who took advantage of both main characters at different points in time. The author is especially good at piling on the wrongdoings from the villains until the reader almost can’t wait to see justice done – and when the heroes manage to get the upper hand, it is worth the wait. Throughout, the story’s subject matter is lightened with nonstop humor.
She also named it a Recommended Read!
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