Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eden's Review of Fierce Love by Christopher West

Fierce Love is one of the offerings in this year's Torquere Press Charity Sips Blitz, a fundraiser to benefit the It Gets Better Project. In keeping with the theme of "getting better," Christopher West gives us a glimpse into a brief but important period in the lives of warrior Erim, and his lover, Adair, who might possibly be a descendant of fairy kind.

Though Erim's own traditions don't include honoring the dead, he journeys to his lover's village to meet Adair's family and join in their observation of Samhain. I was caught up immediately into both the world building and the easy interaction between these two men. The author gave vivid descriptions of the landscape and surroundings, transporting me to a fantasy world, perhaps much like our own in the past.  

This little jewel of a story is slowly paced, and though just a snippet of this couple's life, it marks a turning point for them. The simple act of lighting a candle for the departed opens Adair's heart enough to let someone out, and Erim's enough to understand how fiercely he loves Adair. He shows that love in tender intimacy.

What particularly tugged at my heart was that while Adair loved Erim unquestionably, he still mourned another. Rather than be jealous or demanding, Erim understood that Adair's heart was large enough for two men. Taking someone to bed to "prove" love is one thing, showing that love out of bed is another, and made Erim a hero in my eyes. He showed his love in every way imaginable.

Though this story is short, it captures, in gorgeous detail, the moment when two souls go from being lovers to being so much more, and I can see forever stretching out before them. Erim and Adair have so much more to tell, and I'd love to see a novel. What a fitting contribution to this worthy cause. Highly recommended.


Christopher West lives in central Illinois. His love and his inspiration are the men in his life, especially the ones that have helped him grow as an independent gay man and an author. His blog can be found at http://christopherwesterotica.wordpress.com/

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