Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Muse Has Returned From Hiatus!

Though it's not that much, word-wise, I did managed to forward The Angel of Thirteenth Street 2, tentatively titled Broken Wings, today. I made it through a key scene, with four more major scenes to write. At 35,000 words, I estimate I'm about halfway through with the first draft.

By necessity, this installment of the Angel series will be longer, as it features not one, but two couples. Noah and Jeremy's relationship is still new, though they're definitely "established" at this point, and fearing what will happen when Jeremy leaves for college.

Two new characters are being introduced. One is a young man who's trying to find his way back from drug addiction, and the other has reason to make sure the man succeeds. Although these things cannot be rushed, I'm hoping to have this manuscript polished and submitted by August. At least, that's the goal.