Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Love for Highway Man

Just last weekend I found myself hoping that someone would show some love to my first Dreamspinner Nap Sized Dream, Highway Man. Since then it's received not one, but two awesome reviews. I've already posted the one from ReviewsbyJessewave, but today, reviewer Max at Man Oh Man Reviews rated Highway Man an A and said:

 "...the story itself was gritty, hot, and well-written. The sex was extremely stimulating and for a short, this one hit all the right spots."

Here's the link:

Available here from Dreamspinner Press:


  1. Thanks! I still listen to that song, but now I see Killy and Mike, on up in years, dancing together to it on the porch of a cabin. I really had written the 55 years later part, but deleted it because it didn't add to the story. Their cabin sat on a mountaintop, looking down on the town where they met.

  2. And anyone who listens to the song can just fill in that part. :D

  3. Whoot more lovin'!

  4. Thanks, TD! I'll take all the lovin' for my stories that I can get!