Sunday, June 19, 2011

Writing Update

My three in-process novels are currently still in limbo, and instead I've been hard at work writing a trio of short offerings.The first, Sweet Dreams, comes in at approximately 5,000 words and will post sometime next month at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group a part of their "Hot July Days." Letters were submitted, asking authors to write a story for a picture. Here's the one I chose, submitted by Lissa. Ain't Maxxie a cutie? The group will be posting several stories each day throughout the month of July, so keep checking back for free reads by some of your favorite m/m authors.

My second short project is entitled Something Very, Very Right, stars Otis and Garret from The Match Before Christmas series, and was intended for Torquere Press' annual Charity Sip Blitz to raise money for It Gets Better. Sadly, I shot waaaayyyyyy past the 8,000 word cutoff, and couldn't trim words without unraveling the story, so I hope to summit it as a novella in the near future.

Frantic to keep my promise for a Charity Sip, my muse cooperated and Boys of Summer (tentative title) was born. Currently at 7,800 words, it'll be my contribution to a very worthy cause. The theme of this year's Sips is, of course, "It Gets Better" and the stories will show lives and circumstances improving. My offering stars a man recovering from loss and learning to open his heart and mind again. These will publish in September. The goal was for twenty-five stories, but from the buzz I'm hearing, Torquere may far exceed that.

Speaking of September, I have a 30,000 word humorous shifter novella due out the 10th of that month from Torquere Press, called Galen and the Forest Lord. Look for wolf shifters behaving badly.

That's all for now. Ya'll have a great week.



  1. It keeps me sane (depending on who you ask) and out of trouble (relatively speaking) ;)