Sunday, June 5, 2011

A New Source for Free GLBT Reads

What could be better than a great M/M ebook? Downloading it for free! Legally! Queer Magazine Online has recently opened the QMO Book Cafe, a book store in which all titles sell for $0.00. What's the catch? No catch, just great free reads by such well known genre writers as Anne Brooke, Serena Yates, Red Haircrow, Andrew Grey, S.J. Frost, Rick McGranahan, and M.L. Montgomery. And the list of contributing authors is growing.

My own offerings there are my novel The Telling and its short sequel Night Watch. So hurry on over to the QMO Book Cafe and download some quality reads at the best price ever -- free.

All works were donated by publishers and authors.

Authors, if you'd like to participate, contact me and I'll happily direct you to Anders, keeper of the books.


  1. You're welcome! Hope you rack up on all kinds of great reads!

  2. Thanks from me also :)

  3. You're welcome! I'm stocking up on the freebies too!