Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot July Days at the M/M Romance Group

Guess what? Very soon readers will be treated to free reads from some of the top writers in m/m romance! Starting on July 1, the M/M Romance Group will be presenting Hot July Days, posting multiple stories every day throughout the month.

The project started with Dear Author letters from readers, presenting a picture and asking an author to tell a story of what they think is happening in the photo. The theme is "Don’t Read In The Closet. Stories of coming out in love, being out in love and committing out in love."

The picture I chose was posted by Lissa who said:
Dear Author,

This beautiful sleepy young man looks like he could use a sweet awakening. 


The story is turning out far different than I originally envisioned, and is currently at 5,200 words. I do hope Lissa likes what I've come up with. Once the stories began posting, I post a link. Some writers are actually doing novellas of around 30,000 words, so if you like good m/m fiction that's free to boot, be sure to check it out.


  1. With over 100 different stories in the works and some of them 30,000? This is going to be epic!

  2. Yeah. I'll have free reads to last me 'til Christmas. Only...there's some upcoming releases by my favorite authors that will be purchased the moment they become available.