Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kind Words for Settling the Score

Reviews by Jessewave gave a 4.25 to Settling the Score, my latest novel. Here's what reviewer Sirius had to say:
I loved this story, which has themes of Pygmalion and Cinderella, but at the same time twists some of the clich├ęd themes from these stories on its head. Joey is in a sense a unique character. In the hands of less gifted writer I would have gagged at the possible excess of sugar in the character’s depiction. Besides failing to figure out that his ex was a very crappy human being, Joey practically has no flaws — he is sweet, kind, hard working, adorable, handsome and just very, very sexy. He has low self esteem and does not seem to be aware that he has all those wonderful attributes, but to me it does not count as a real character flaw. Having said all of this, to me Joey was believable, a real good boy-next-door and decent person. The way he handles himself after his ex’s betrayal is admirable, the further self-doubts he voices just about broke my heart, and the way he interacts with Troy is just so delightful and sweet.
 Read the review in its entirety here.

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