Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Chance to Win Highway Man

On Wednesday, May 18th, Dreamspinner Press will release my short story, Highway Man.

If their gravelly-voiced front man died in the wreck that claimed the rest of Trickster, what's he doing filling in for a tribute band's absent guitarist? All Killian Desmond wants is to forget that tragic accident, make a few bucks off rodeo wins and pick-up gigs, and occasionally find a willing one-night stand. A listening ear in the form of a fellow musician he dubs Tex reopens old wounds. Tex knows the songs and hears the pain—Killy may have found more than he was looking for.

Find it here.

Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos is hosting a contest for an ebook copy of Highway Man. Check out the details here.

Another contest is being held at Brief Encounters, found here.