Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good News, Bad News and Free Read

I'll give the bad news first. The GLBT Bookshelf's March fundraiser has ended, and I've been told that particular strategy will not be used again. Equally sad is the closing of their bookstore.

My offering, Night Watch, a short sequel to The Telling, was written especially to help support the site. With the closing of fundraiser and store, it's now adrift.

That's where the good news comes in, for readers. The tale of a wounded warrior's pain and the love the kept him sane is dedicated to our returning heroes, whose wounds aren't always easily visible.

That said, Night Watch is now available as a free read. All that's asked is that you're over 18 (I'm a mom, I gotta ask), and not offended by M/M Romance.

The cover, done by my good friend, Jared, brought tears to my eyes. To me, it almost tells the story itself.

Here's the link to the PDF. Enjoy!


  1. That's too bad about the bookstore. I did get some books in the last rummage sale that I likely would never have discovered otherwise. It's great your offering your story as a free read. Very nice of you.

  2. They're hoping to one day do something else similar, and to that end I gave them Tinsel and Frost for permanent fundraiser, for I do love the site and want it to succeed. I found myself some bargains at the sale too.

    I hope that readers do like Night Watch. With it I hoped to show the growth of Michael and Jay's relationship, and how all was not cured by the magic wand of love.

    The sequel about Ryan has proven most difficult, but it is one of my current projects.

  3. Like Tam, I found some good reads in their fundraisers, so I'm sorry to hear that the bookstore is closing.

  4. The wiki is still alive and well, thankfully!