Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Kisses for Settling the Score!

Lisa at Top 2 Bottom Reviews gave five kisses to Settling the Score, my latest novel. Whoo-hoo!

She had this to say:

This is a story that is, like Joey himself, engaging and uncomplicated on its surface, though as the plot unfolds, it becomes evident there is much more to explore beneath the exterior, lending the characters and their story depth and heart. As Troy and Joey work together, spending time talking and excavating Joey’s thoughts and feelings, they begin to discover their similarities outweigh their differences. It isn’t a case of opposites attract as much as it is a case of Joey serving as a reflection of who Troy had once been before life made him who he’d become. This is a story of transformation, but certainly not of whom I’d expected.
Read entire review here.

Thank you, Lisa, and Top 2 Bottom Reviews!

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