Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nice Words for Settling the Score

Okay, a story comes out and, as a writer, I bite my nails, worried what readers will think. My latest novel is no exception. Here's what Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos had to say about Settling the Score:

"Very good m/m romance about a small-town mechanic whose formerly small-town, now Hollywood actor boyfriend dumps and outs him on national television. A Pygmalionesque story unfolds after that, as the mechanic goes to work for a bestselling author with his own axe to grind. My only real problem with the book was a personal one – I always get frustrated by books that use dialect; instead of immersing me, the dialect kept jolting me out of the book."

Thank you, Chris! I feel much better now : )

Here's the link to her site: