Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine Wish - a sequel to The Wish

With February fourteenth just around the corner, Valentine's stories hover on the horizon. Although I don't have a new one this year, for those of you who read The Wish, and were intrigued by Thierry, Anton, or both, there's a short story of featuring these two, called Valentine Wish.

Here's the blurb:

Anton Lewis left the streets and the gangs behind, remaking himself into an honest man. He has a steady job and an acquired family, but an empty bed. Anton’s Valentine’s and birthday wish is for a lover with some meat on his bones. He’s had his eye on the owner and chef of his favorite restaurant, but Anton has shied away from reaching out.

Chef Thierry Guillaume wants to be a lover, not a fighter, but love has been elusive and the fight has come to him. Pity the fool who attacks Thierry behind the restaurant, because Anton has forgotten nothing of his street smarts and is more than ready to rush to Thierry's aide, just in time for a Valentine's surprise.

Find it here:


  1. Thanks. I've been meaning to write some more Anton, but it just hasn't happened yet.

  2. So many stories to write, so little time?

  3. Yeah. That's about it. I have seven novels currently in progress, and a half-dozen short stories. Not enough hours in the day.