Friday, December 3, 2010

Rainbow Awards Cover Contest - Round 15 - Final Round

The Rainbow Awards Cover Contest has entered it's final round, with fifteen covers left. This week, voting will be handled differently. All voters must vote on three covers, no more, no less, and they'll vote by leaving a comment, stating their three selections.

This will be so hard, because there's so many covers in this round that I love. There's also many books represented that I do intend to read in the future. Thanks to the contest, I now know the artist behind the gorgeous images that caught my eye.

Many thanks to Elisa Rolle for hosting this competition. Be sure to show your support for your favorite covers, and the artist who created them, but voting on her site.

Click here to vote.

Thanks again, Elisa, the celebrity judge panel (squueeeee!), and all the wonderfully talented artists who are due for some recognition.


  1. Let's hope everyone plays nice this time. :(

  2. It's so tough! I can't decide who to vote for. I used all ten of my allowed votes last time! Decisions, decisions! Yeah, I hope they do play nice.

  3. I knew my top two quickly, but the third one was hard, because some many favorites made it this far.

  4. I know! I stared for a long time at those covers, trying to decide.