Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet Kevin

Over the past few months Torquere has posted some prompt challenges; fun little contests where they give  words and entrants have to come up with a story of 200 words or less. That's how Kevin the satyr was born. He's been with me for three challenges now (two of which won), and today I found a picture that is just so him. Enjoy!

Challenge 1 words: urn, guitar, model:

Kevin leaned into the giant urn, seeking whatever shelter he could find. It earned him an irritated huff from the photographer.

“How many times do I have to tell you: don’t hide the goods!”

“But…but…I’m naked!” Kevin whined.

The photographer rolled his eyes heavenward. “You’re just now figuring this
out? It’s in the contract.” Under his breath he muttered, “Dumb model.”

“I thought I’d pose with my guitar, not bare-assed for the world to see. I’m a musician, not a stripper.”

“I’m afraid that’s been over-done, the peeky-boo, I-nearly-see-you, theme. Our calendar will be different. Artful nudes are sure to gather attention. Besides, it’s for charity.”

Kevin adjusted his crown of grape leaves, shuffling from hoof to hoof. “While I’m all for finding loving homes for stray puppies and kitties, are you sure that Satyrs Gone Wild is a proper theme to raise money for homeless pets?”

Challenge 2 words: octave, stethoscope, camera: 

Niles groaned. Since meeting Kevin his life had become an adventure. Why he'd fallen for a satyr was beyond him, but ever since Kev had shown up at his studio to participate in Satyr's Gone Wild, a nude calendar project to raise money for homeless pets, Niles had been hooked. Once the teeth grinding had stopped, that is.

Teaching the country bumpkin about city life was a bit nerve wracking. So far, Niles had explained that you didn't "turn on" a TV by stroking it and whispering sweet nothings, and you didn't "turn it off" by showing it pictures of Great Aunt Maude in a two-piece. Those incidents looked to pale in comparison with this one. "Exactly what are you doing with those?" Niles inquired, voice rising a full octave. What had been misunderstood this time?

Kevin held out a mask, surgical gloves, and stethoscope. "Well, I heard today that playing doctor was fun." Kevin's eyes were downcast, and he shuffled from hoof to hoof, a typical nervous gesture.

Picturing his lover lying on an examination table, spread out, inspired ideas. Niles grinned, reminded of why he loved Kevin's naivete. "Stay right here," he said. "I'll go get my camera."

Challenge 3 words: violet, trampoline, lead:

"Kevin? Kevin!" Niles searched frantically for his lover. Lately the satyr spent more and more time staring at the distant hills, now covered in spring violets. Was Kevin homesick?

Niles once thought his life perfect. One afternoon with the country-come-to-town satyr showed him what was missing. Though it would break his heart, he loved Kevin, and valued the man's happiness above his own. Should Kev want to go, Niles couldn't hold him back.

A lump in his throat and an ache in his heart, he finally spotted a familiar head of curly hair in the back yard. Whooshing out a sigh of relief, he rushed to Kevin's side.

"What 'cha doing?" He attempted nonchalance.


Following Kevin's line of sight, Niles spotted two kids next door, bouncing on a trampoline.

"They remind me of young satyrs frolicking in the meadow," Kevin murmured, head falling to Niles' shoulder. "I miss my brothers, my mother, my father."

The pain returned to Niles' heart. "You want to go back, don't you?"

He barely heard the whispered, "Yes."

This was it. The moment he'd dreaded. Niles steeled himself to do the right thing, then Kevin asked, "Come with me?"

Without hesitation, Niles replied, "Lead on."