Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Torquere Books has just release an anthology Someplace in this World a collection of short stories dealing with the topic of home. Here's the blurb:

“Is there a place for me in this world? Someplace I can call home?” Home isn’t always the place we start from. Sometimes we have to search long and hard to discover our true home. Other times we leave home, only to discover that our home place calls us back. We may seek far and wide for a home, only to find we’ve been there all along. And sometimes, we have to stand and fight for home.

In this full-length anthology featuring contemporary, historical, fantasy, and steampunk stories, some of Torquere's favorite authors bring us stories of gay men seeking, finding, rediscovering, or struggling to find that one place in the world where they truly belong.

Each of these nine stories treads a unique pathway, but at the end of the journey, these talented authors bring their characters home.

With stories by:
Lee Benoit
Kiernan Kelly
Syd McGinley
J.L. Merrow
G.R. Richards
J. Rocci
P.D. Singer
G.S. Wiley
Eden Winters

I feel honored to have taken part in this project, and my own offering, The Prodigal, is a sequel to The Angel of 13th Street. It picks up the tale of Mark, the hustler Noah puts on a bus for home. It tells his side of the story about his encounter with Noah, and then follows him back home, where he fears acceptance. Can he truly go home again?

Find it here at Torquere Books: