Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review for Same Time Next Year

Same Time Next Year, a short story I wrote for Halloween, received a very thought-provoking review today on Brief Encounters. It really pointed out things to me that are so true, but that I didn't see at the time I wrote the story.

Here's the link:


  1. They do such deft reviews at BE...

  2. Yeah, they do. Something about that story made me go, "hmmmm..." but I couldn't figure out what. You pegged it in your review, and then Prettyprose saw it, too. Ironically, this story was written around the same time as The Match Before Christmas. Talk about going from one extreme to that other!

  3. Do you have a beta reader or two?

  4. I do. Love them and can't live without them. You'd shudder to see what a mess this story was without their influence! Hee hee. They do save me from myself a lot. I was just rolling in the angst with this one a bit too much. But I'm still learning, developing a style. Hopefully, I'll get better with each story.


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