Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What I'm Working On

I'm embarrassed about how infrequently I've updated my blog of late, but now have been sharing plenty of news over the past two days.

But what have I been up to, writing-wise?

Last summer while I was waiting for Redemption edits, a friend challenged me to write something I'd never written before: erotica.

Sure, I could do this, right?

Wrong. The story grew a plot. And more plot. And yet more plot.

And spawned three more stories.

Now, instead of a short story, I had four novellas, but in marketing discussions, I didn't want to sell them as four novellas, since they shared a story arc and readers would be paying more for the individual stories than for a novel with the same word count.

I couldn't do that to them, so I pieced it together, smoothed the edges, and am now in the final stages of creation with A Bear Walks Into a Bar.

It's got shifters, lots of intimate scenes (many more than I normally write, but it's integral to the story) and, drum roll please....

A non-monogamous couple.

Oh, wait! Where are you going? Come back! I didn't say they were cheaters, but part of their shifter culture involves group sex with others, for comfort, discipline, bonding, etc.

Look for A Bear Walks Into a Bar to release in late December or early January, from Rocky Ridge Books.

Awesome News for Redemption!

Redemption (Diversion 5) has been named an Honorable Mention in the 2015 Rainbow Awards, which means a judge awarded it at least 36 of a possible 40 points! Yay, Bo and Lucky!

Here's what the judge had to say:
I loved the bond between the guys. Excellent character development.

Find Redemption, and the entire Diversion series at Rocky Ridge Books.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fun, Flash Fiction, and a Giveaway

Hurry on over to Boy Meets Boy Reviews for a Kerry/Armando (from Butt Riders on the Range) flash fiction--and hot guy pic. NSFW!

Enter to win a copy of Diversion (Diversion 1) while you're there.