Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dotted Line Has Been Signed!!!

The Angel of 13th Street 2 - Fallen Angel has been accepted for publication by Torquere Press. Estimated publication date is May 2012. Now I'm so nervous, hoping I did justice to Noah and Jeremy's continued story. They deserve an HEA.

Settling the Score gets love from Mrs. Condit's!

Lady McNeill had this to say about Settling the Score at Mrs. Condit Reads Books:

There were several sections where I was teary eyed and/or really pissed off (I think she meant that in a good way). Somehow I even started to feel for Joey’s jerk of an ex-boyfriend and hope he can be redeemed somehow maybe in a future story. Every Eden Winter’s book I’ve read she always finds a way to take us through an amazing journey as the characters find their way to love. It’s never easy or perfect or even conventional but I’m always satisfied in the end.
She awarded the book 4 1/2 blissfull sweet peas.

Read entire review here:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Diversion - We have a blurb!

My latest novel, Diversion, now has a blurb!

Drug dealers aren’t always on the streets; sometimes they sit in offices and boardrooms, selling merchandise in official looking bottles instead of little cellophane bags.
When given a choice between eight more years in prison or using his “expertise” to assist the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau's Department of Diversion Prevention and Control, convicted drug trafficker Richmond "Lucky" Lucklighter takes the sentence with the illusion of freedom. Cynical and unwilling to admit he's begun to care about his job, he counts the days until his debt is paid. His sole obstacle to getting his life back is the rookie he's assigned to train before he leaves; a rookie who quotes pharmacy texts, hasn't paid his dues, and has the obnoxious tendency of seeing the good in everyone – including the target of their investigation.
Former Marine Bo Schollenberger dreamed of becoming a pharmacist and watched the dream turn into a nightmare of PTSD-fueled prescription drug abuse. Battling his demons daily, he wakes up every morning, wondering, "Will this be the day I give in?" To keep his license, he must now put his skills to use for a diversion control task force, deal with a crude partner with too much attitude and no brain-to-mouth filter, and take down a drug lord who reminds him of his favorite cooking show hostess.
The bad guys don’t stand a chance, if Lucky and Bo don’t strangle each other first.

Look for Diversion, from Amber Quill Press, on March 19th.

New Episode of Boxer Falls

Episode number four of Boxer Falls is now up at the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads, brought to you this week by Andrea Speed.

Boxer Falls, a "gaytime drama" written in consequitive segments by a variety of M/M authors, is a lovely, angst and intrigue-filled soap opera over-flowing with hot men with and sexy encounters. Tune in next week for episode five, written by yours truly. The guidelines called for my segment to include the catergories for the M/M group's book of the month selections, so my topics were wizards and M/M/M. I wrote my first ever three-way! The wizard was harder to work into a contemporary piece, but check out my contribution this coming Friday, February 3, to see how I did.

Promo Op

Every week Cryselle at Cryselle's Bookshelf features "A Picture is Worth..." a prompt pic to lure an inspired author to tell a story of between 100 to 1000 words. It can also be a snippet from an existing work. What a great way to get the word out about your book!

She's got two unclaimed pictures at the moment:



She'll post the author's info, along with covers, links, and blurbs. Take a look at the lovely images, and let your creativity out to play!

Guest Post at D.H. Starr's

Dear friend and fellow author D.H. Starr is hosting a guest post by yours truly on his blog today. I'm venturing out on the thin ice of an author talking about reviewers.

Read post here:

Speaking of D.H., I've been priveledged to get a sneak peek at his upcoming novel, Feed, Prey, Love, a decidely different twist on vampires.

Check out his cool trailer!

I'll keep you posted on the pub date. Be sure to take a look at his back list or both young adult and adult contemporary M/M. And take a walk on the paranormal side with Variant Breed.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chirp Chirp

It began two days ago, an indefinable noise that sounded and disappeared so quickly I might have imagined it. I listened intently but didn't hear it again. Hours passed, and once more a faint chirp chirp reached my ears. Outside the rain poured, so perhaps the noise came from raindrops patting against the central heating unit outside the window. I dismissed the sound and got on with my life.

Yesterday I caught the faint traces again of an insistent chirp chirp. Standing motionless in the hallway, I tried to trace the source, but alas, all was quiet. Last night the disturbance penetrated my dreams, my subconsious mind whispering, "Smoke detector battery." Of course! I tuned out as best I could and made it until morning, the irritating warning becoming more and more frequent.

It'd just tested the many smoke alarms in the house (actually, that happens every time I cook). All fuctioned properly, and none spoke up when I asked, "Which one of you is bitching about a new battery?"

And the noise persisted. Only when it became persistent enough to trace was I able to track it to --- inside the guest room closet? Why would anyone put a smoke detector in a closet when there's one in the guest room a few feet away? But the mystery is solved, the detector that a former occupant deemed necessary has been fed, and for good measure, I fried an egg and retested them all.

Oh the sweet sound of security. Hmmm.... do you think only one fire extinquisher per room is enough?

Friday, January 20, 2012


What happens when drug dealers aren't on the streets but in board rooms, and not dealing illegal drugs, but the goods that stock pharmacy shelves? And what if the good guys recruit a convicted felon to help them stop the bad guys?

The answers are coming March 18th from Amber Allure: Diversion

Check out my "Meet the Boys" thread to meet two unlikely heroes.

The Angel of 13th Street II - Fallen Angel

Whew! It's been a long time coming, but today I submitted the sequel to The Angel of 13th Street, tentatively entitled, The Angel of 13th Street II - Fallen Angel, for publication.

Jeremy and Noah are creating a life together, but after years of solitude and living on the edge, Noah has trouble adjusting to his new life. Especially when his newfound happiness is threatened by Jeremy's imminent departure for college and his mentor's declining health. Add in a recovering meth addict, and who can the Angel turn to when everyone's looking to him for answers?

Nerd Love at Dark Divas Reviews

Nerdy Otis from A Lie I Can Live With received kind words today from reviewer Crys at Dark Divas Reviews. Here's some of what she had to say:
Now and then you meet a secondary character in a story you love, and yearn to find out more of what happens to him, especially if he’s in dire need of an HEA of his own. Otis Tucker, who was one of Barry’s “This isn’t Mr. Right!” dates in The Match Before Christmas, really deserves some happiness. Eden Winters has brought him to the forefront in A Lie I Can Live With.

Read entire review:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boxer Falls - A Gaytime Drama

I love interesting concepts, and free reads. Those two  have been combined over at the M/M Romance group on Goodreads, and the result is deliciously addictive. 

Boxer Falls - A Gaytime Drama by Damon Suede, Ellis Carrington & Poppy Dennison.
What goes up always comes down.
Peek behind the fly of Boxer Falls, and see what mischief lurks in its quiet streets and secluded spots of a small New England town with a queer reputation. Around here, the family closets hold more than skeletons and the fights are strictly gloves-off. With folks this gorgeous, the feuds are bound to get ugly.
When the wealthy Cotten family decides to turn their country estate into a luxurious resort, the residents of Boxer Falls face an influx of affluent tourists who rub their sleepy little town in the worst ways. Lust, greed, betrayal, and ambition might just yank the town to its knees.
Tune in each week to get the latest on scorching affairs, family dysfunction, and secret desire. 

Each Friday a new episode will post. Damon, Ellis, and Poppy kicked off the effort, but in subsequent weeks  other writers will put their spin on the goings-on in Boxer Falls. Yours truly is writing episode five, and the plot bunnies are circling. The handsome hunks of Gaytime Drama have rekindled my interest in soaps.

Damon's episode 1 and Ellis' episode 2 have already posted, and Poppy's will post tomorrow, 1/20/12. Head on over to the M/M Group for some hot and steamy reading! Interested in contributing? Follow the picture link for the stories and information on how to get in on the fun!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Review That Inspired Chuckles

Yesterday Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews posted a review of Settling the Score, one that gave me a few chuckles. Reviewer Jerry Wheeler has a lovely sense of humor and -- thank goodness! -- enjoyed the book.

Read the review here:

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolution

After giving the matter enough thought that I didn't make a decision until the second week of January, I've finally decided upon this year's resolution. Being a creative sort, I'm steering clear of my usual themes of losing a few pounds or saving money, in favor of something I stand a chance of actually keeping.

So I'm sitting in a  Chinese restaurant with my son and, for a country hick farmboy, he wields a pair of chopsticks like nobody's business. Then I chance a glance around me. As far as the eye can see, not a fork anywhere but in my hand. Even the wee ones are using the "starter set" (chopsticks connected at one end.) Somehow while I was on the roller coaster ride towards middle age did the school system start teaching this skill to kindergartners? Here I am, a woman who prides herself on being well traveled, and I can't even master eating with two skinny wooden sticks.

Then my son clicks his chopsticks at me and casually says, "I bought a hand carved pair of these when I was in Japan." Hand carved? Great googly-mooglies!

I attempted to emulate my son when he grabbed the chopsticks from my hand, turned them around and handed them back. "You were holding them wrong," he said.

No matter how hard I tried, it couldn't get the darn things to work! And my oh-so-patient son just had to rub my nose in my awkwardness. "Mom, it's easy. Here... you just go like this." He effortlessly picked up a single grain of rice from his plate. Sigh.

After the self-pitying stopped, determination set in. I will not be defeated. This year, I'm gonna do it, folks! In one year's time I may be able to show my face again at P.F. Chang's and not have to deal with a server's snickering when I actually unroll the napkin to get at a fork. Time to make my kid proud! (Or at least less embarrassed to be seen dining out with his mother.)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Pirate's Gamble rides again, February 19, 2012

My very first published short story, The Pirate's Gamble, has been out of publication for some time now. I'm happy to report that soon Captain Ian will once more terrorize the high seas, thanks to JMS Books. The story has a pretty new cover too!

Here's the blurb:
One man, two lives. In modern day Jamaica, Ian Lewis enjoys a well-earned reputation as a shining star of the archaeology world. However, in the eighteenth century, he's notorious for other reasons: being the captain a rag-tag crew aboard the pirate ship The Naughty Maid. With the help of a mysterious talisman and his knowledge of ancient treasures, he travels back in time to save priceless artifacts otherwise doomed to be lost forever.

His greatest treasure, however, wants to stay lost ... or rather, deeply in the closet. Tired of the hiding the true nature of the relationship he shares with fellow archaeologist David Kane, Ian employs his pirate cunning in a gamble that just may cost him his everything -- including his life. 
Find The Pirate's Gamble here on February 19, 2012.