Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Angel of 13th Street mentioned.

Naughty Boys in the Backseat posted an interesting article today about the theme of "taking home strays" in m/m fiction, and gave The Angel of 13th Street as an example:

Find the article here:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Publish Dates Announced

I've already mentioned that Settling the Score, a m/m contemporary romance novel, releases March 9, but I've two other publish dates to look forward to as well:

Fanning the Flames, the sequel to The Match Before Christmas, releases May 7. It's approximately 14,000 words, and will be released as a Torquere Press Single Shot.

Highway Man, a m/m contemporary, not-quite-romance will also publish in May from Dreamspinner Press. It's the story I mentioned a few weeks ago, inspired by the song, "Papa was a Rodeo." It's around 10,000 words.

Next up will be a fantasy/shapeshifter tale that started life as a 20,000 word story, but keeps growing and growing. Folks, I think we have a novel in the works. It's loosely set in the same world as Flame, and revisits the idea of gay men being cast out of the village to "feed the wolves." I hope to have the draft complete by mid-May.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lovely Review for The Match Before Christmas

Not only did Val Kovalin over at Obsidian Bookshelf give The Match Before Christmas a glowing review, she's also including it in the All Romance Ebooks newsletter as a recommended read.
Here's the review link:

Thank you, Val, and all you other folks who've been so supportive.

Now I'm waiting for a publish date for the sequel, Fanning the Flames.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flash Fiction

 I love flash fiction contests, and recently entered one on the Torquere Press Social Group. The prompts were: chickadee, sausage, and flame, and the story couldn't exceed 200 words. At exactly 200 words, here's what I came up with:


"Weeeeelllll, if it isn't my little chickadee!" Red-rouged lips blew a kiss into the mirror. "And what have I done to earn the attention of Sin City's finest?"

I stared at the reflection of a man applying makeup, wearing a long wig in a color not found in nature. Glittery false eyelashes fluttered in my direction as the man swiveled his chair to face me. "Is that a sausage in your pocket, or are you glad to see me!" Could Ted be any campier? His flame burned brightly and he didn't care who knew.

I glanced around the dressing room, noticing curious gazes trained on us. "Could we get some privacy here?" I asked in my best cop voice, flashing my badge.

One performer after the other shot out the door, to hissed questions of "What did Teddy do?"

Once we were alone, I turned to the strip's most notorious drag queen. "You have the right to remain silent…"

My prepared speech was cut off by, "But of course, darling, for how else will I kiss you?"

I grinned, lips crushed to my lover's. "I brought my cuffs this time," I managed to say before his tongue invaded my mouth.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Promo Op for Writers

Every Thursday Cryselle over at Cryselle's Craziness posts a plot-inducing picture. If you write and submit a ficlet, based on the picture, she'll post your story, along with your site and book information. It's free, it's fun! I fell in love with last week's pic, and sent in a story.

Here's the latest pic:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Thousand Word Thursdays at Cryselle's Craziness

Every Thursday at Cryselle's Craziness a new, plot-bunny inspiring picture will be posted. Last week's really hit me hard, and within a few hours, a story was born. Cryelle's was nice enough to post my little ficlet, and here's the link:

Last Dance

Hope you enjoy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Settling the Score - Publishing March 9 from Torquere Press

The blurb is not yet official, not having been blessed by my editor, but the cover is. I think it's absolutely fabulous, created by the awesome Skylar Sinclair, the talent behind the cover of The Match Before Christmas. Folks, I give you Settling the Score, due out March 9 from Torquere Press.

For closeted Georgia mechanic Joey Nichols, life is good. His boyfriend landed a major Hollywood role and is now well on the way to superstardom. Joey's bags are packed and soon he'll leave small town life behind to join the man of his dreams in California, where they can live out, proud, and together. Days before his planned departure, however, his lover not only outs Joey during a televised interview, but announces that they've broken up. Devastated, Joey attempts to pick up the pieces and face the bigotry of the locals alone.

Bestselling author Troy Steele knows all about having one's life turned upside down by a tabloid. Now he lives a reclusive existence, shunning Hollywood parties and the fame that comes with writing blockbuster movies. He spends most of his time exacting revenge on a former flame via his novels and hiding out in rural South Carolina, watching celebrity gossip shows at his assistant's urging. Joey's fifteen minutes of unwanted fame bears an eerie similarity to the plot of Troy's latest work in progress, Settling the Score. What if the jilted lover were transformed into everything the fickle ex wanted, as Troy's written for his book's hero, and secretly wishes for himself? Once polished, could a diamond-in-the-rough good ole boy confront the one who'd caused so much misery and then walk away? Those are burning questions for Troy, and he's counting on Joey for answers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet the Boys

I finally got my Meet the Boys page updated. Check out the hotties who've inspired my work, also accessible in the sidebar for Meet the Boys:

Click here for major hotness:

Writing Update

Fanning the Flames, a short story sequel (about 15,000 words) to The Match Before Christmas has been accepted at Torquere, and I'm waiting for a publish date, which I'll pass along as soon as I can. This story is for the readers, who asked for more.

In just a little over a month, Settling the Score, my latest full length novel will become available. Basically, it's a novel about writing a novel, with hot man-loving thrown in.

The story that sprang to life on Eyre's site, A Reader's Journey, has been accepted by Dreamspinner. As it's the first time I've submitted a story to Dreamspinner, I'm not really sure when I can expect it to publish. Highway Man is based on the lovely, haunting song, "Papa Was a Rodeo," by Magnetic Fields. The story isn't a sweet romance, and the happy ever after has yet to be seen, but once the story lodged in my head, it wrote itself very quickly. I'd like to share with you the inspiration for that short story.